Atlas is a son of Pascha and Gilda.

"He is a very good dog who has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I wouldn't trade him for the world."

"I get comments every time I go out with Atlas on how beautiful/handsome/even-tempered he is and people want to know where I got him. I don't hesitate to point them towards your kennel."

- N. DeKeuster

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the pup my Son and his wife got from you yesterday. That would be the pup nicknamed Lucy, which they have named Keynya. Being the avid GSD Owner/ Lover that I am and Dog Trainer, I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with her. My son Andy told me that the ride home was very enjoyable, and when she got here of course she was a bit shy. I have introduced many a pup to adult dogs so this was a casual meeting at first. Keynya was a bit frightened but over the course of the afternoon she settled in very well. I can tell that you have spent alot of hands on time with these pups because she was WONDERFUL with my 5 year old son. Although they have no intentions of breeding her and are going to be spaying her, I can see where she, matched with the right sire would have made some very beautiful pups. This is a TOTAL DOG good structure, healthy and WONDERFUL TEMPERAMENT. I want to thank you for taking the time to breed good quality GSD'S. There are so many breeders out there that are only interested in producing MASS QUANTITY, with that RIDICULOUS ANGULATION, who if they tried to herd anything would trip themselves on their BUTTS LOL and forget about what the initial purpose of the breed was that it can ruin the reputation of one of the best dogs out there. Working with several different breed rescues and the Animal Shelter in Menominee I see so many poorly bred dogs with aggression issues health issues you name it I see it, that is why when I found your add and saw your pups I was immediately pleased with what I saw. Again thank you so much for the wonderful pup. I will keep your email address and send you photos and updates on her. That way to if you ever need references for future litters please feel free to let your prospective clients contact me. Take care." - A Kramer
Rusty is a joy to have around. That puppy loved to take showers when we brought him home. He would jump in the shower with my husband or I would take a shower. We haven't let him in there for a while now because it isn't good for them to take frequent baths. But he loves the water. He tries to play with our Pomeranians but because of his size they won't play with him. He loves running outside and playing in the snow a lot also. My husband takes him in the morning when he feeds the cows and he likes going with him whenever he can. I noticed he is exceptionally fond of men. But in general likes everyone."
- D. Klatt
Axel, son of Donja and Pascha
Sid is a son of Luey and Brandy Sid
Tashia is a daughter of Gilda and Max
Sasha is a daughter of Max and Ruby. She's very much
become a part of the family!
Rocky is a son of Max and Donja
Apollo is a son of Pascha and Elfie Apollo
Brad is a son of Ducash and Vania
Uri is a son of Pascha and Elfie Uri
Tex is a son of Edd and Athena
"A great addition to our family!"

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